Blanket Service

Equine Laundry Services

  • Blankets (any weight) $30.00
  • Sheets/Coolers $25.00
  • Hood/Neck Wraps $15.00
  • Carhartt Jackets $10.00
  • Carhartt Bibs $15.00
  • Requires Second Wash $10.00
  • Re-Waterproof (Nikwax wash in) $20.00
  • Excess Hair Removal $10.00

 *Major rips & tears will be quoted according to severity & material   needed.

Repair Services

  • Re-attach Surcingle $10.00
  • Replacement Dee Ring $8.00
  • Replacement Surcingle $20.00
  • Zig Zag Repair (good for small snags) $5.00
  • Patches Start at $10.00
  • New Leg Straps $16.00

Blanket Service Information

All waterproof laundry is washed in specific non-detergent soap designed to protect and extend fabrics that are waterproof. At Rugged Rider Tack all repairs are done on commercial equipment with fabrics and threads specifically designed for horse blankets. The utmost care will be taken to match repairs within the same color family of your blanket but we cannot guarantee exact color matching due to variances within manufacturers. Check out our facebook for updated information on our services.

horse blanket services
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